How to Fix Landscape Erosion Problems

There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on your perfect landscape only to see it erode and wash away within days of completion. Is erosion preventing you from getting the landscape of your dreams? Don’t lose hope yet, because there are some things you can do to remedy the issue in no time. We’ve got some solutions to help you out.

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Reasons Erosion Can Happen

The majority of erosion problems come as a result of drainage issues or a bogged landscape. When rainwater has nowhere to go, it will seek the next available route downward, usually taking soil and stone with it along for the ride. This is what causes a lot of odd debris to appear on your walkways and driveway, and it’s the clearest sign that you’ve got a lurking erosion problem.

Erosion usually occurs when:

  • Runoff water isn’t controlled as it falls from your roof, often due to damaged gutters
  • Large amounts of standing water are left in the yard after rain, creating dips and crevices that promote erosion
  • There are “splash” areas in your yard, such as slopes or dropoffs that allow water to fall and break up soil

Simple Solutions to a Common Problem

Erosion is actually a problem most homeowners tackle from time to time, either through yard wear or as an inherited issue (we hear you, sloped landscape owners!). The great news is that most of the fixes are fast and easy, usually taking a minimal investment of time or cost. To deal with your burgeoning erosion issue, you can:

  • Plant more – Adding new plant features can help control where water runs and assist in absorbing excess water from your inundated landscape. This has the added benefit of providing you with a new chance to update or redesign your landscape.
  • Make use of retaining walls – Retaining walls, in tandem with drainage solutions like a dry well, can be effective and provide your landscape with some gorgeous new hardscape features. This is a particularly powerful option for homeowners with a heavy natural slope since it helps to break up the flow and level the land.
  • Fertilize, aerate, and mulch – Since erosion typically happens when your yard receives more water than it can use, an easy solution is to simply make it better at using water. Aerating and mulching in particular are very efficient and easy ways to up your garden and landscape’s water absorption rate.

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