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How to Care for Pond Fish During Winter

Fish ponds are a wonderful aesthetic addition to your yard. In the warm months, sitting out in your garden and watching the fish makes for a calm and relaxing pastime. However…

6 Tips for Keeping Your Patio Warm in the Cold

Patios are an awesome way to enjoy some spring and summer fun. But what happens come the winter months—do you have to pack it in and retreat to the indoors? We say not at all! There are…

How to Fix Landscape Erosion Problems

There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on your perfect landscape only to see it erode and wash away within days of completion. Is erosion preventing you from getting the landscape of your dreams? Don’t lose hope yet…

The Only 10 Landscaping Tips You’ll Ever Need

When you’re planning a landscaping project for your home or you’re just looking to freshen up your yard, it can be a bit challenging to know where to start. Thankfully, the experts at Four Seasons Landscaping are here to help!

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard

When you’re lounging by the pool during a backyard BBQ in the middle of summer or relaxing by the fire pit with friends early in the fall, the last thing you want to worry about is pesky mosquitoes ruining your party. Instead of dousing yourself with bug spray in an effort to keep them away, try out our handy landscaping tips to prevent mosquitoes all season long.

Landscaping with Boulders

Utilizing stone in landscape design is nothing particularly new. Maryland homeowners love using natural stone in order to create accents, paver patiosretaining walls, and even to address blank spaces in the landscape. But would you like a fresh idea?