6 Tips for Keeping Your Patio Warm in the Cold

Patios are an awesome way to enjoy some spring and summer fun. But what happens come the winter months—do you have to pack it in and retreat to the indoors? We say not at all! There are plenty of ways to keep your Texas patio area open and active all year long, and the experts at Huffman Landscape & Irrigation are here to tell you how.

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How to Heat Up Your Patio

There are quite a few ways to tackle keeping things warm on your patio, but not all of them require a bunch of budgeting or a major project. Check out some of our favorite simple fixes:

  • Get a custom fire pit – Fire pits are a great solution for keeping things cozy when winter blows in. They come in a wide range of material options, and they’re great for decorating, too.
  • Enclose your patio space – You needn’t go so far as to construct exterior walls around the patio (though that’s certainly an option – retaining walls); covers made of a wind-breaking material set in the right places can take the edge off of a cold day. Plus, with the enclosure in place, you can rely on electric outdoor heaters to keep you and your guests toasty.
  • Cover up the concrete, brick, or pavers – Stone is gorgeous, but it’s not foot-friendly in cold weather. Throw rugs, pelts, or synthetic thermal materials can help ward off cold feet.
  • Rethink the patio furniture – Wrought iron is tough and attractive, but it’s not so nice in colder weather. Use cloth-covered furniture or coated wood to retain more warmth and help folks stay comfortably seated.

Bigger & Better Options

Interested in something a little more elaborate? We’re happy to accommodate! These fixtures will see use in all seasons:

  • Outdoor fireplaces – Fire pits are pretty to look at and can add a lot of comfort, but they don’t hold a candle to a complete outdoor fireplace. A custom fireplace is unmatched in sheer visual appeal and can put out a ton of comfortable warmth, plus they’re a great attraction for a winter party centerpiece.

Outdoor Design-Build with Huffman Landscape & Irrigation

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