Landscaping with Boulders

Utilizing stone in landscape design is nothing particularly new. Maryland homeowners love using natural stone in order to create accents, paver patios, retaining walls, and even to address blank spaces in the landscape. But would you like a fresh idea? Something that can address similar problems and fulfill similar roles but makes a bigger statement overall? If so, you might want to consider boulders.

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Why Are Boulders Great For Landscaping?

So what does a big rock have to do with having a gorgeous landscape? Well, if that question crossed your mind, the odds are good that you’re thinking about boulders from the wrong angle. Keep in mind that boulders, just like most anything else used in landscaping, are a material. They can be shaped, formed, arranged, and customized to meet your needs. And they have the advantage of being exceptionally unique!

How to Incorporate Boulders in Your Texas Landscape Design

boulders in an olney landscape deisgnWhat exactly do you do with a boulder? Well, that’s kind of what’s fun about it. You can do anything you want! But if you’re looking for ideas and avenues to pursue, try these out for your Texas landscape design:

  • Boulders as accents. Boulders make for excellent, statement-making accents. Using the natural stone found in our area, you can use boulders as ends for gardens and shrubs, as well as using them to surround hardscapes.
  • Eye-catching formations. Utilize your boulders in twos, threes, or even more to create an extremely unique formation. These are excellent for bringing a very rustic, deep woods feel, or can be used to create modern art in your very own Olney landscape.
  • Crafted boulders for fire pits and planters. Not a fan of landscape features that lack functional purpose? An easy fix for you, since boulders can be hollowed or machined to match your needs. They make absolutely breathtaking fire pits, and can make for some very interesting gardening.
  • Drilled and plumbed boulders for water fixtures. A big fan of water features, but tired of standard fountains and streams? How about your very own, custom-made water feature using drilled boulders? With these, a single boulder can serve as a gorgeous stand-alone fixture, or you can make a complete water garden using boulders!

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